Seven steps
to success

from the idea to series maturity

You have a product idea and do not know how to make it a reality? Neowolf offers you full service with all-round support in all stages of development. Benefit from our services and put your idea into action today.

Conceptual Design

The beginning of every successful product is a groundbreaking concept.
Based on your ideas, we work out a detailed development schedule, including a schedule, work packages, and milestone setting.

Experience & Competences

Physics, chemistry, computer simulation, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and IT – the competence spectrum of our development team.
Depending on the requirements of your development idea, our development engineers contribute their expertise and thus facilitate the overcoming of specific development obstacles.


Physical computer simulations – the heart of our development concept.
View your first prototype virtually and with all the features you want. Or test complex physical processes your product should be able to perform. Our computerised simulation offers all possibilities of virtual test runs. As a result, the development of your product idea is sustainable, efficient and resource-saving.

Model and prototype construction

Construction, modeling, manufacturing – the first prototype is created.
Together with our construction partners, we create the first models and prototypes of your innovative idea. Plastic or metal processing and 3D printing are just some of our manufacturing capabilities.


Successful products need a unique design.
Our marketing team comes into play. Work out the most appealing product design together with us and present the route for the first market entry. We support you from the creation of a basic design to the final fine tuning.

Measuring & Testing

Success is always measurable – also in relation to the development of your idea.
Every development undergoes a rigorous measurement and testing process before the prototype becomes a serial piece. Together with our partners, we can offer you a wide range from simple material tests to complex flow tests.

Series Maturity

When the prototype phase is over, the path to the first series begins.
Did you think about warehouse and shipping logistics? Are there already operating instructions and an appealing product packaging? In this final step, your idea finally becomes a production-ready product.


See for yourself.